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SMF Discolouring Fragrance Challenge

SMF Soap Challenges

I help to organise a monthly challenge on I ran the August challenge which tackled inverted stamping.

You can find the challenge thread and read about everyone's experiences along the way here

and you can find the thread with all the lovely entries here

There is also an SMF challenge youtube channel with tutorial videos for all the challenges, including my inverted stamping one, along with other tutorials by SMF members that you may find useful.

As long as you have been a member of the forum for a short period and have posted 50 times, then you can participate in the challenge. Come over and find us on SMF, we are a friendly bunch and always willing to accept new members into the fold.

Discolouring Fragrance Challenge

This month was a discolouring fragrance challenge run by GalaxyMLP, the basic rules of the challenge were to use a fragrance that discolours and incorporate that into your soap design. You also had to choose a colour scheme for a famous brand or sports team and incorporate that into your design too.

Below is the original challenge thread if you would like to read the full challenge criteria and see people's discussion of their experiences of the challenge

Here is the entry thread

And here is my entry.

I chose to use Wimbledon as my theme as I love the combination of purple, green and white.

I used a basic slow moving recipe at a 5% superfat of -

25% Palm
25% Coconut
25% Sunflower
25% Olive

The discolouring fragrance I used was porridge oats from gracefruit which I used at 3%. The description  says it discolours to a dark tan.

I wanted to try a sort of different butterfly swirl with this challenge. I tilted the mould slightly to one side, then filled it with 1/4 of the discoloured batter, then I alternately poured the white purple and green until the mould was half full. I then used a hanger in a circular motion to create the bottom half of the butterfly. Then I poured in some more discoloured batter and drop swirled the colours in on top to create the top wing of the butterfly.

Here is the soap when it was first cut

And here is my final entry after 3 weeks of discolouration

I hope you like it. If you are interested in the challenges please pop  over to and see what is going on this month.

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